New Communication and Diversity

Cross-cultural awareness, sensibility towards diversity, and differences are the factors that drive the success in terms of innovation. Curiosity, another huge driver of innovation, is very helpful for improving communication methods. Openness of mind, thoughtful evaluation, and benevolence will open the door from one culture to another.
Tolerance and empathy, ability to listen, and willingness to understand – in short, the same qualities that play a major role in inspiring and successful communication – would be as precious as ever to succeed in cross-cultural awareness.
In 2020, we are facing unprecedented times… Indeed, digital technology has obviously been very useful during this pandemic period. Yet, it is up to all of us to recreate a sustainable relationship even during COVID. The desire to communicate together would be a natural, human way.
As I already mentioned in the book : Learning about others, and explaining things about yourself, exchanging experiences, traveling, and discovering the different cultures by living at least several days in their respective country, surrounded by local inimitable atmosphere would bring much more than grasping to prejudices and stereotypes.
Let’s enjoy living and communicating again, with all our diversity.

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