Curiosity & Design

When we started to work on this book, it was my curiosity that pushed me to get involved. The title ‘Secret of working across five continents’ aroused my interest, made me curious about the views and opinions of others; the pleasure of sharing and exchanging professional experience, that was the cherry on top.
The contribution of each contributor was extremely revealing about how to improve innovative design and creation, and five main themes emerged :
  • The importance of human value
  • Confidence in others and ourselves
  • Curiosity
  • Open communication
  • Adaptation to the specific context of the environment.
All contributors agreed that diversity is the key driver for innovation and also recognised that context plays an essential part when contemplating innovative design and creation. This context includes sustainability considerations as a central topic.
Yet, those five main themes, and also sustainability become more and more important during and notably after pandemic period. We need to work hand to hand to create an innovative future, with diverse cultures. 

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