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In today’s world more and more people travel, work and live in countries other than their own,

In today’s world collaboration is ever more important as no one individual, organization, nation alone can find solutions to the challenges (and opportunities) facing humanity,

In today’s world innovation is more important than ever before. Diversity is a key driver of innovation yet at the same time often a challenge,

Cultural insights and awareness are key to all the above, and the foundation for enjoyable and successful working in cultures other than our own…


When working and innovating across 5 continents consideration for cultural differences is vital…
Doing so enables innovation to become truly authentic: vision of human richness, nurturing of relationships,
supportive of imaginative creation and inspired innovation.


In addition to drawing on our own experience, our work and offering are based on in depth interviews & research with over 145 senior leaders from around the globe in which they shared their deep personal and professional experience in terms of diversity.

All participants passed on to us their exciting, solid knowledge of diversity, their international experience in different countries and businesses strategic management and life science areas. 



“Sourced from Cultural Diversity … towards CulturAll Intelligentsia

“ Diversity begins with the urge or the need for mobility. When we are on the way, we are in motion, so we discover, we share, we transmit, we advance. We are in action... action to create an unbelievable new horizon!

Thanks to our book, I learned so deeply and understood an important thing: our book will be a starting point, an amazing and never ending story… At the end of the day, it is an extraordinary opening!

So I took the decision not to conclude, but rather open a whole new page !

May this fresh page that we started together bringing an up to date understanding of human richness, an innovative sustainable sense of life...”

Meltem Etcheberry

The Journey Continues

We live in a world that is fluid, in perpetual motion. Nothing stands still; and nothing should. And yet, there are foundational and structural pillars that inform how we should live and grow.

Bearing in mind that when Meltem Etcheberry came up with the idea of this book, it was exactly three years ago. A lot has happened, and even more in 2020 which no one foresaw. The pandemic has changed the way we live, work, socialise, connect and interact with each other. The changes have literally been life-changing for so many individuals, families and companies. However, one thing is also true from the perspective of this book: Change is not a negative. As a mentor taught me a long time ago, “Change is inevitable. Growth is a choice.”

The fundamental aspects discussed in this book and detailed in the four section-chapters are in no way undermined by COVID-19 and the pandemic. What has happened is that it has made us realise that there is a sense of urgency, as human beings, to equip ourselves with the knowledge and insights covered in such depth and detail in the book so that we can grow.

Inevitably, we will be addressing how all this ties together as a result of the pandemic so we will be sharing our thoughts through our blog, which will be launched very shortly. That will be the place for discussion, debate, thought-leadership and listening, as views of the authors are expressed not only on the impact due to the pandemic, but more importantly, the new opportunities that have come out of it, and how we can embrace this as a positive.

Chris Igwe