Mindfully Storyteller

Interior Architect / Designer MD / StoryTeller / Trendsetter

Born in Turkey in an old Istanbul family, I grew up between Ankara and Zürich. I am an «oriental occidental». This will help me throughout my career to draw inspiration from my dual culture. I decided to make interior architecture studies (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul in Bachelor and Master and School of Architecture Paris Tolbiac master design). After a first international experience in Zurich (Somer Design Innenarchitektur) and a study at Centre Français de la Couleur in Paris, I created my own agency in Istanbul, Archipol Mimarlık (1994), which allowed me to understand how loyalty is key for suppliers to achieve beautiful spaces and how we can do great things with respect, humility, and kindness …

This is an unforgettable client and supplier relationship experience! 

I then drew inspiration from my son, Jean-Emre, and created “Etincelle” (the Spark), educational games store for children, to note the strong educational challenge of childhood for human construction. From small, one learns and respects the value and the beauty of things, self-objects around, nature … Patience, empathy and pedagogy will be my keywords.

This is a true coaching and savoir vivre! 

Since 1991, I regularly publish articles on trends, lifestyle, branding in magazines; give lectures and conferences at Esmod, CIE, Bijorhca, Magdus; and participate in the work on ‘The Future of Innovation’ with an article titled ‘ The Future of Innovation is about diversity’.

This is a privileged exchange!         

Back to Paris to follow my husband (2005). Curious, bold, and visionary, I decided to live a complementary experience by accepting the position of Manager Retail and Concept Store Design & Visual Merchandising at L’Occitane en Provence, La Vallée Village and Van Cleef & Arpels. I discover the political and strategic organizations, working in project mode and management internationally and bring my expertise in architecture with a network of over 2,000 points of sale and exhibitions. These experiments showed me the importance of diversity for innovation and that of opening her senses, her experiences to others, to live in harmony …

This is an exciting challenge and a discovery!

In infinite quest to learn, deepen, and make progress, I enjoy working as consultant (ETCHE & BERRY – A small wink to my husband, from Basque Country / Etche: House & Berry: New) and collaborating joyfully with partners on concepts I have developed:  360° – Sensory & Delighted Architecture : Well-Being & Being-Well.

This is a happy ending journey… a mission with plenty of transmission!

Bettina von STAMM

Innovation Philosopher

Innovation Philosopher / StoryTeller / Catalyst

Born and raised in Kiel in the very north of Germany, I was a bit of a loner during my teens. This helped me to develop a very independent mind and a love to just think and be.

Taking time for contemplation is one of the true luxuries of the twenty-first century.  

When my assumption that architecture would bring my two areas of interest (fashion design and computer science) together proved wrong, I decided to finish as quickly as ever possible, start earning money, and keep a lookout for something that would truly inspired my passion.

If something is really important, don’t let your choice be influenced by convenience, nor compromise.

Summer 1989 I came across MBA and, deciding that I would not settle for second rate again, only applied to London Business School. Needing to significantly improve my English, I managed to secure an internship with an architect’s office in Newbury. I am still eternally grateful to the lady of the international women’s network Ladies’s Circle, who not only facilitated that connection but also invited me to stay with her family for the duration of that internship.

Nurture your relationships and networks with true passion; they will return the favour in the most wonderful and unexpected ways.

The MBA opened a whole new world and, for a number of reasons, once finished I started to work for myself. This I considered much less scary that taking a job that I did not really want. From 1994 to 1998, I went back to London Business School for a PhD, which put me firmly on the path of, as I describe it, ‘understanding and enabling innovation’. Year 2004 saw the foundation of my own company, the Innovation Leadership Forum.

What some might consider to be scary and high risk might feel like the easy option out for someone else!  

Ever since setting out on my own in 1992, I have enjoyed a combination of teaching, researching, writing, public speaking, and increasingly doing bespoke workshops for senior management teams. The fact that I enjoy is writing is reflected in four books (so far), numerous reports, and almost countless articles, interviews, and blogposts.

In all my excitement about and passion for innovation, it took me until 2010 until I realised that there is a dark side to it. Since then I have become more and more vocal about the need for innovation to be grounded in all three aspects of the triple bottom line. This is why, since autumn 2015, I have been involved in Katerva, a non-governmental organisation whose mission it is to identify, evaluate, and accelerate sustainable disruptive innovation.

Love what you do and pursue it with passion – and know when it is time to let go. 

About the Chapter-Authors

Visionary & Authentic Leadership

Chris IGWE

Inspiring Leader

Retail and Real Estate Strategy / Corporate Speaker / President Chris Igwe International / Managing Partner More or Less

Born and raised in Nigeria, I have lived and worked across the globe. Travelling widely and managing international teams provided me with unique insights into working and living in those countries and cultures.

Working life began as a Civil Engineer, before moving successfully into the retail sector. I later created my own consulting firm, advising major global brands and shopping centre owners and investors.

In 2014, I received the prestigious ICSC Award, for my contribution to the shopping centre industry. In 2020, I was honoured with a key leadership role as a Global Governing Trustees for ULI (Urban Land Institute). I have an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering from Herriot-Watt University, Scotland, and BSc in Civil Engineering from Newcastle University, England. I am a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Certified Coach and Mentor.

Nurturing People & Culture

Hande K. BINNS

People Alchemist

Cultural Awareness Management

I am a former HR Director for major multinational companies in a wide range of industries. I have lived, studied, and worked in 10 different countries, and traveled many more. What unites my experience, diverse as it has been, is that people are at the heart of everything I do.

Working to understand, develop and assist people in their work and life has taken me all over the world, immersed in many different cultures. I have had to adapt to these environments and therefore has first-hand knowledge of the complexities of doing so. Change and diversity are the main drivers of my work.

I am currently working as a people consultant, helping individuals and companies to change for the better, advising them on engagement and transformational change and  diversity and running workshops on leadership. I have MSc in Social Psychology and obtained her CIPD qualification by specializing in Cultural Intelligence/Awareness. I am an accredited coach by the University of Teesside. 

Innovative Design & Creation

Triana Navarro de CHOLLET

Timeless Designer

Architect & Fashion Designer

Born in Guatemala, I grew up in a family rocked by creation and textiles for three generations, where passion and admiration for know-how have always been a driving force to create and innovate. This love for creation is today my heritage and the foundation on which I support every creation. Arrived in France in 1998 after studying architecture in Guatemala, I moved to Paris where after a few years I obtain my French architecture Degree.

Having started in residential and hotel architecture field, the retail architecture has drawn my attention very soon. Passionate about design, I gained most of my professional experience in some international companies in the cosmetics field. I had the chance to work with multicultural teams, in different kind of structures and different local realities with the main goal to embrace diversity through architectural projects.

Having been immersed in cultural diversity for many years. The time had come to looked back to my own diversity and that is how in 2015, I decided to start a new story that includes my cultural roots, my family, and my vision of creation and open-minded. Bit of Heart, a women’s clothing brand, was born…

Inspiring Communication & Relationship

Maria Goulina RABANY

Enchanting Mediator

Communication & Marketing Management

Graduate of the Moscow State Linguistic University with a degree in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, I have built my career largely in leading multinational companies. I have gained extensive experience in the field of public relations, communication and marketing working with internationally renowned brands in the field of perfumery and luxury goods.
A former Communication manager for Van Cleef & Arpels responsible for all relevant activities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan, I have moved to France in 2015 due to my family reasons, still keeping contact with the Maison for freelance projects.

Passionate about inspiring communication and storytelling, in 2017 I have started my personal blog – – to share small and big discoveries that I make in my daily journey.