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The Way This Book Was Created

We thought it might be helpful to share some of the thinking that has gone into the structure and design of the book. After Meltem invited me to join her on this journey, we discussed what key topics in the context of working across continents, and in the specific context of the 21st century, would be. This resulted in the four Chapter topics Meltem has already introduced:
Visionary & Authentic Leadership

Nurturing People & Culture

Innovative Design & Creation

Inspiring Communication & Relationships

Secrets of Working Across 5 Continents

Thriving through the power of Cultural Diversity

There are (at least) three points of departure for this project:

• In today’s world more and more people travel, work and live in countries other than their home country.
• In today’s world collaboration is ever more important as no one individual, organization, nation alone can find solutions to the challenges (and opportunities) facing humanity.
• In today’s world innovation is more important than ever before. Diversity is a key driver of innovation yet at the same time often a challenge.

Cultural insights and awareness are key to all the above, and the foundation for enjoyable and successful working in cultures other than our own.

Our Vision of Cultural Diversity

is about meeting, dialoguing and sharing with people, being curious, and to go beyond to create something better and sustainable for all

is the foundation for innovation, where creative tension leads to the creation of something
meaningful and novel

is personal liberty that enriches one’s life and facilitates personal growth

thrives under inspired, authentic and visionary leadership that empowers all

creates unusual relationships built on mutual trust and appreciation of that which is different

is within ourselves as long as we are sincere, authentic, free from judgement and need for approval

intertwines with time, both ending and never ending,
timeless and precious, enchanting,
requiring care and wisdom